I am a firm believer in the metaphor of journey as a way of understanding the lives we live. Each of us is journeying through life, moving from one place to another, sometimes with a clear direction, at other times not even knowing the next step ahead.  Along the way we gather knowledge, learning, wisdom, funny stories, friends, moments and much more.  At times our journeys connect with other travellers and we travel together a while before diverging again onto separate paths.

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Wow!  Eleven months down, and how the time has flown.  What a wonderful year of learning, thinking, and planning.  How rare it is to have the opportunity to prioritise the gathering and application of knowledge, and yet how critical it is that we do this.  With one final month of my year to go it seems timely to stop and reflect on the journey so far

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A Taonga and a Wero

Well, 2014 has kicked off with a bang for me as I have spent two weeks on a whirlwind tour interviewing foster families about their experiences of caring for high needs young people. 11 interviews later and I feel so privileged to have met such amazing people and learned from their insights, wisdom and experiences.  What a taonga to be gifted.

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Fix your eyes on the goal

Wow, I know it is a cliche but “how time flies!”.  December seems to have disappeared before it arrived.  This month has been a month of planning, thinking (yes yet more thinking) and consolidating my learnings. My challenge for the month has been to fix my eyes on the goal and not get sidetracked by the many interesting and important areas that sit on the periphery of my project.

This month I have started to think in more detail about how all this learning might translate to practice.  I’ve also been booking in interviews, flights, accommodation and rental cars for 10 days of interviewing foster parents and their adult children.  This is all happening in January and I am so excited about spending time with these fantastic people.

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Painful Past, Promising Future & Powerful Presence

The 90/Ten Project

WARNING: Some of the information shared here is graphic in nature.

We are intensely busy reading, drafting, formatting, typing, crying (a little) and prayerfully lacing together the stories that our amazing foster alumni have so bravely shared in our book (their book), “This Is Mine: My Story, My Life“.   You will meet some very determined, independent, amazing individuals who have triumphed over great adversity and have stepped forward to share their journey with you.  Each person has their own unique style of writing about their life, and we have preserved their story for you to experience their individuality. Let us introduce you…

Meet Phyllis Amalfitano Kessler Guilmette Thompson:

When I was taken from my mother, I was found broken, burnt, nonverbal and locked in a basement, with a boy just a few years older than me. For years as a young child, the identity of this young…

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The power of perceptions

I’ve been thinking this week about the power that perceptions have to shape our thoughts, beliefs and actions.  In particular, I’ve been impacted but the following quote:

“Being labeled “at risk” is like being voted least likely to succeed.  For where there is no faith in your future success, there is no real effort to prepare you for it”

– From “Being Black is not a risk-factor” National Black Development Institute 2013

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